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Slide What Is New World?

A New Adventure


The past couple years have been a rough few for the mmo genre, however with the announcement of our official commitment to New World we are excited to enter a fresh adventure with our guild and friends. New world features a vast world with plentiful content for us to enjoy. Whether it be defending our territory from our enemies, crafting the greatest of items, or pushing back the ever present corrupted there will be something for everyone. We can’t wait to learn more about the game as we move forward and hope you’ll join us!

A Rich Environment

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From lush forests to shattered mountains drowning in corruption, ship wrecks to the fortresses of those long passed. the land of Eternum changes around every turn. Be ready to explore this vast world teeming with magic and darkness as we embark on our journey.

Danger at Every Turn

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Gaining a Foothold

As we journey out into the world of Eternum we will have to fight the corrupted hordes to gain a foothold in the world and develop civilization, but be warned as they are sure to push back.

Defending our Land

In Eternum the corrupted aren’t the only thing we will have to worry about. Other players with an eye for power will attempt to take from us what is rightfully ours. Be prepared to fight to the bitter death for land and resources.

The Quest for Power

On our journey to become the strongest we will have to explore long forgotten locations and battle ancient foes to discover the secrets of the world. As we push deeper into the unknown our strength will grow as well.

Come Join Us!

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Thank You

We at Enveus hope that this New World dedicated section has helped show you a little bit more about the upcoming game we are excited to go into. We aim to be a dominant force inside of New World, and are always looking for fresh and interested players who are excited by the game to join us. The link to pre-order the game is provided below, and if you would like to support the guild you can check out our content creators who are covering New World to the right! Hope to see you with us in Eternum!

New World Content

Ser Medieval

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