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What is Enveus?

Enveus is a guild that has been around for over 5 years. With years of experience in many games such as SWTOR, ESO, EVE, SWG, and FF14 as well as members that have been in top guilds for games such as AA, Albion, GW2, BDO, and FF11 (Formerly: Volume LS – Excellence – Exodus LS – 24/7). Our members have vast amounts of experience in PvP and PvE progression content, as well as too many accomplishments to list. With over $75k invested into Ashes of Creation and more than 100 alpha 1 members, we offer a home for experienced and serious gamers who desire to be a dominant force within Ashes. We don’t play nice and we will do what it takes to win.

Combat Specialty

Our PvP teams will be comprised of 4 tiers of players that will be ranked in house based on skill. All PvP members will be ranked in a trial by combat with opportunities to move up in our ranking system on a regular basis.

Our Raid teams will be comprised of 3 tiers. The 1st tier consists of the main static group and the best raiders the guild has to offer, this team will be our primary group that strives to earn server and even world firsts for the guild. The 2nd tier will consist of tryouts and subs for the tier 1 team as well as members who want to raid on a slower paced set schedule. The 3rd tier will consist of tryouts and subs for the 2nd tier teams as well as a mixture of overflow members that have a fluctuating schedules due to real life obligations. Gear will be distributed using a DKP system and players will be able to use our guild calendar to track attendance, schedule raid times, and RSVP to raids for their tier.


At Enveus we understand that everyone has a direction they want to go in the game and we encourage this! Whether this means joining our dedicated crafting division, tracking the in game economy to become a merchant king, becoming a key political figure, joining our assassin division to gather intel and take out key targets, serving as a mercenary to help your fellow guild members, joining our ranked/tiered pvp teams, or striving for server firsts as part of a raiding team. Enveus is a home for focused players of all walks to grow and contribute. 

In Enveus we like to reward all of our members who contribute to growth in a myriad of ways. Not only do we have systems to reward members who show up to official guild events, but we also aim to reward all of our members who contribute to guild growth outside of these official events by doing things such as protecting gatherers, escorting caravans, and locking down crucial world spawns. We reward our members not only through our DKP system, but additionally through investments in ventures, tavern expansions, and gold payouts on a regular basis!

Our Goals

Our guild strives to have players that prioritize Min/Max stats and builds, as well as a desire to push content on the server. We always want our members to enjoy themselves and have fun, but we will not accept complacency or a lack of drive in Enveus. As a guild we will strive to be a centralized power that thrives in, and dominates, all aspects of AoC including server progression, politics, economics, PvP, and PvE. Through the years of MMO experience we bring with us, and through the experience of the members we recruit, we WILL achieve our goals and become a key guild in the world of Verra.


In Enveus we value the merit and skill of our members, due to this we will never promote individuals based on personal ties or favoritism. Additionally our groups are structured based on the skill of our members, with opportunities for players to prove themselves and rise in our ranks. The organization and structure of our guild also allows us to utilize advanced logistics and reward distribution for our members.

Enveus plans to be a powerhouse in Ashes of Creation with a very large community, however a large community does NOT mean you will be a voice of 1 in a crowd. At Enveus we value the input of each of our members and the impact our skilled individuals can have in the game, utilizing specialized teams to complete important tasks. We truly want Enveus to be a family where every member matters and can change the course of a fight, and due to this we will NEVER become a zerg guild.
Hierarchy Guest m Immortal Enveus Head
g Hydra Heads Enveus Members m Officers Community Moderators

What We’re Looking For

-Players who prioritize min/max stats & meta builds-

-Players that are highly proficient in mechanic heavy 20/40 man raiding-

-Players interested in all types of PvP-

-Players who love all aspects of crafting (spreadsheets included)-

-Players interested in economic and political aspects of Ashes-

-Players with a high amount of play time – not only in NA time zones but in all time zones.-

-Players who have experience in dual boxing, custom-made macros, and scripts and maximizing their ability to be more effective in game.-

-Players that are highly invested in the Ashes community & game as a whole-

-Groups of friends who are able to play and work together efficiently.-

-Content creators & streamers-

Think you have what it takes? Got questions about the guild? Feel free to join the discord or submit an application!

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