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Pillars of Enveus


Enveus is a guild of incredibly skilled and talented individuals, with a goal of becoming a central power in Ashes of Creation. We plan to accomplish this, as well as our other goals, by first establishing an early and dominant role within key nodes, and then expanding this to a regionally dominant role. Our inspiration in this incorporates militaristic, economic, and political aspects of Ashes, as well as other key points of the game where we can exercise our influence. While Enveus does not look at people as hardcore or semi-hardcore, our members are expected to treat everything with the highest possible efficiency.

Military Force

As server progression unfolds clashes between rivals will be unavoidable. Enveus is focused on ensuring our prosperity as a guild, and protecting our interests in all aspects of the game. A division of the organization will be centered around guaranteeing our constant growth and strength without undue hazard to our members.

Political Influence

As our guild grows and as cities begin to form in the world, political relationships will become key to dominating in Ashes. By utilizing players that have a keen interest in developing relations, organising coordinated strategies, and negotiating with other organizations, we plan to become a central figure while protecting the common interest of our regions.

Financial Greatness

Enveus aims to become financially dominant by utilizing market tracking and logistics to assist both individuals and the guild grow. By allowing players interested in the economy the freedom to pursue their own ventures, while still contributing to the growth of the guild, we feel that we can become a financial powerhouse using our wealth to improve guild systems and reward our contributing players.


We expect all members of Enveus to conduct themselves in a respectable and honorable way, as this is the foundation which we will establish our guild on. We fully expect members to go after war, bounty, and blacklisted targets. However, we will expect members to abide by the core principles of the guild as laid out below.


In Enveus we expect all of our players to not only respect fellow guild members, but to respect other players within reason. Actions that are exceptionally toxic, tarnish the name of the guild, or hurt fellow guild members such as farming low level players, ninja looting, and stealing will NOT be tolerated. Players simply can’t be allowed to act this way if we hope to make a lasting name in the games we play.


We expect all of our members to remain loyal to our guild. When a member joins our family they are expected to follow our rules and work towards the benefit of the community. Members can expect to get out of this guild what they put in, and those who place the guild first can expect rewards and responsibility in return. Any member that betrays the trust of the community will lose their place with us.


We will never request that you put Ashes or the Guild in front of real life, but we do ask that individuals be focused on the objectives and movement of the guild. By having our players focus on guild objectives, you help the guild to grow as a whole, allowing us to help you grow as an individual.


Power and morals alone are insufficient qualities to produce a lasting influence in Ashes of Creation. Strength can be defeated by superior strategy, wealth can be lost through poor decisions, and honorable intent can be eroded over time. Through the use of our experienced and talented leadership, we will avoid these treacherous pitfalls and maintain the values our guild strives to hold.


In our guild the inclusion and participation of members for both in-game and out-of-game events is very important to us. The interactions we have and the time we spend together are key in developing the fellowship that we want our guild to be built around. The more we play and grow together, and the more our players communicate their ideas, the more effectively we can become the dominant, coordinated force we aim to be.


We want all members in Enveus to feel as though they have a reason to be here, and endeavor to give every player a part that best fits their own desires and proclivities. Whether it be through content creation, crafting, PvE/PvP, or helping the community, we recognize the unique talents of our members. It is this recognition that will convey Enveus into a place of strength inside Ashes of Creation.


Enveus will always have deliberate goals and focus based on the will of our leader DA, and the input of our officers. At the end of the day we aim to have a great time, and plan to accomplish this through the community we build. Where we go, we go together, and it is this aspect that will be the key piece of our adventure together.

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